جديد العاب فلاش 2013 - 2014

Assault Course

Play Assault Course / More Action games

Assault Course is back to make sure you are ready for anything. In this sequel you have to prove that you can take whatever comes your way. Scale fences, jump high, avoid barbed wire hazards and real explosives. Assault Course 2 is serious about teaching you the basics.


Play RotorStorm / More Shoot 'Em Up games

Pilot your helicopter through dangerous territory and eliminate the enemies in your path. Dodge their attacks and fire your own to clear the way forward. Collect power-ups to improve your offensive power. Fight now and send your enemies down in flames!

Cut the Rope

Play Cut the Rope / More Puzzle games

Om Nom is hungry but he can't reach the candy! Feed the adorable little monster with treats hanging from ropes out of his reach. The quicker you feed him, the better your score will be. Think strategically about collecting stars to improve your score. Encounter new challenges as you progress through each level. Play now - this monster needs to eat!

Rat Fishing

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Rat fishing is the new trend in a city overrun by the rodent infestation. Call out the pest control to strategically position some smelly cheese to lead them back to the gutters in this challenging brain provoking pest control game.

Twisted Lines

Play Twisted Lines / More Puzzle games

Tactile Puzzles with a Twist Twisted Lines is a new mind twisting puzzle game with a unique game mechanic wrapped in a beautiful minimalist design. Cross the lines to swap colors and collect all hollow squares to solve the puzzle. Thanks for playing! You can get the full version with over 100 levels on the App Store.

After Sunset 2

Play After Sunset 2 / More Zombie games

The zombies are coming in After Sunset 2! And all you have to protect you is your meat cleaver and... a whole host of special weapons. Look out for emergency airdrops and watch your back – these zombies are sneaky! Aim for the brain and put them back in the ground.

Tank Attack 3D

Play Tank Attack 3D / More Shoot 'Em Up games

The battle of the trench warfare has begun with you at the frontline in your armoured vehicle ready to set the tank attack operation in full motion. Destroy bunkers, vehicles, air bombers and sabotage the enemy’s radars in this devastating hostile environment to help win the war in this action packed game.

Sportbike Champion

Play Sportbike Champion / More Racing games

Take your motorbike racing skills international as you take on the world best racers fighting to be crowned the Sportbike Champion. Upgrade your engine to compete in over 10 challenging tracks against the world’s best 11 racers.

Hockey Stars

Play Hockey Stars / More iPhone games

Play your friends or take on the world in Hockey Stars! Hit the ice and become a legend! Power your shots into the goal, or use close control and precision aim to win: Hockey Stars is easy to pick up and fun to play. Track your stats, level up and earn awards and coins with each victory! Play 1 on 1 in different arenas for bigger prizes! Unlock tons of teams with unique powers and styles. Play as your country’s team and take them to the top of the world! FEATURES Fast and fun ice hockey gameplay 4 arenas to play in (+ more coming soon!) More than 80 teams to unlock (+ more coming soon!) Unlock new formations to boost your game!

Commando 3

Play Commando 3 / More Action games

Commando returns! Having fought through hordes of enemies in Commando 2 our hero emerged victorious, ready to fight another day. Unfortunately a hero’s work is never done - and so he’s been called upon once more to save the day. In Commando 3 a new enemy has emerged and they are planning to infiltrate Egypt, Normandy and Berlin. It’s up to you to skilfully control Commando on the battlefield, use dozens of
different types of weapons and defeat the many enemies to save the day once more. Master the art of advanced warfare, drive extreme vehicles and dodge death all over again. Can Commando free the world from the looming threat of World War 3 as he begins his mission in Stalingrad?


Play Desperado / More Shoot 'Em Up games

The situation in Miniclip Town is getting more desperate by the day and fear is growing. Bandits have taken over and it is your job to sort it out.

Bike Rivals

Rev your engines! Prepare to race through a series of challenging levels, where you have to be clever with physics to make it through in the fastest time possible. Do front and back
flips in mid-air to charge your boost bar - you'll need it to get past some long gaps! Be careful not to bump your head on low-hanging rocks and look out for exploding platforms. There are a lot of obstacles to the fastest finish, but with skill and daring you can conquer them all. Play now! Need some help getting the fastest time? Check out some tips & tricks here. Can't get enough of the game? Follow us on Facebook to get the latest news!

Super Soccer Noggins

Play Super Soccer Noggins / More Sports games

Pick your Super Soccer Noggin and Lead them to victory in various wacky tournaments! There are plenty of upgrades to help boost your Noggin and and a few powerups in game to help or hinder your performance!

Free Running 2

Play Free Running 2 / More Sports games

Free Running 2 is the sequel to our smash-hit parkour game, featuring stunning 3D graphics, new moves, more game modes and challenges. Perform the same feats of athleticism and courage as parkour superstars like Sébastien Foucan and David Belle without leaving your computer. Free-run through a whole new set of challenging city environments and overcome all the obstacles in your way. Defy gravity and risk virtual life and limb in this fast-paced action game. Jump, grab and climb walls - and even do flips and somersaults, showing off for the camera to get a top score. Remember, you’re against the clock - so watch out for the time bonuses and do your best to get to the end of the parkour courses before time runs out!

Stealth Sniper 2


لعبة سنايبر والقنص الجديده لعبة التحدي والاثاره في دقة التصويب

Supercar Showdown

Rev your engines and get ready to show off your supercars! This top-down racing game is packed full of fast cars, a variety of tracks, plenty of upgrades and loads of opportunities to prove you rule the race. The tracks become increasingly more challenging with danger walls, wrecking balls, laser targets and more! It's not enough to be the fastest racer - you'll also have to use your wits and skill to avoid crashing and ending in a ball of flame. Unlock the next track by finishing in the top 3 in the race. Earn bonus cash for being first through the checkpoints during a race and claim a special prize for finishing first. Additional features: - Race against the ghosts of live players - Unlock new cars, each with its own mix of speed, steering and strength - Customize your supercar's look and upgrade its stats - Log in with your Miniclip account to save your stats and awards Start your engines and race now!


Play Agar.io / More Multiplayer games

لعبة Agar.io المثيرة والممتعه ولعبة التحدي التي ممكنك من خلالها مشاركة اصدقائك ..


Play Basketball Stars / More Basketball games

لعبة Basketball كرة السله الشهيره والمسليه وهي من العاب الايفون والايباد المفضله شارك التحدي اصدقائك

BMX Freestyle

BMX Freestyle لعبة استعراض الدرجات الهوائيه والسياكل بااساليب رائعه وممتعه ومرونه

استعراض السباحه 2016

Play Flip Diving / More iPhone games

Flip Diving لعبة استعراض السباحه والحصول على اعلى نقاط مع كل استعراض جديد وتحدي لعبة تحدي السباحه

8 Ball Pool

Play 8 Ball Pool / More Sports games

لعبة الشهيرهBall Pool للبلياردو وللايفون واللعب اون , اليوم ب امكانك العب بدون تحميل مع كثير من التحديات

لعبة سيارات الشرطه 2016

Play Police Pursuit / More Racing games

لعبة مطاردة الشرطه ؟ هي لعبة مطاردة الشرطه للسيارات المخالفه وهي لعبى اثاره ومتعه

Chick Induce 2016

Help the little and cute chicks in Chick Induce get back to their beloved house. Use your mouse to give with their angle, direction and force a shot. If you need help, look for the solution on Video Enjoy the Game Online wishes you Free Game Online.de! Help out the litle chick to collect her eggs.have fun

Unfair Ninja 2016

A young Ninja must survive a deadly training out in the woods and uncover the Secret Ninja scrolls in order to learn how the master the art of the Shadow Warrior. This game plays unfair as all the obstacles are hidden and you really need to use your ninja sense in order to avoid getting trapped and fullfill your destiny.

لعبة تيمون وبومبا 2016

In this game called Timon and Pumba Differences you need to find all differences in five images with Tom and Pumba. For given time you need to find all five differences to move to the next level. Find all differences and win the game Tom and Pumba Differences. Turn off time meter if you need more time.

United Goal 2

United Goal 2 is a great sports game. Pick one of 3 Manchester United players:Pogba, Ibrahimovic or Rooney and then use the arrows to move the target cursor to the desired position. Hit the Space first time to start and second time to stop the power. Different power will result in movement of the ball position. You have a 9 ball to score the goal. Every new level you need to score one more goal. You can change players in the game. Every player have a specific power. Use that power when you have problem to score. Good luck!

Flies Commander 2016

Flying Test 2016

Halloween Champion 2016

Earn To Die

Win the death to the desired new toy cars run over zombies diffuse and won races through the repair and Tzbit car according to the money available you kill the zombies to win and do not forget to fill the fuel to play through the stock and X


Eliminate all of the opposing tanks in each match.                

  • Select a weapon from the bottom of the screen when it's your turn.              
  • Use your mouse to aim, click to fire.              
  •     You can move by clicking the 'Move' button and clicking where you want your tank to relocate (short distance).
  • You can either fire OR move during each turn.
  • You have 15 seconds                                                       

Et Hell Fire

Tiny Combat 2

Jungle Patrol

Hyro Tanks

Commando 2